Silencing the Accuser

The Journey of Revelation

My Life's Journey in the Lord

Join me on my life’s journey of revelation resulting in the prayers in Silencing the Accuser.

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Religion vs Relationship

Religion Kills, Relationship brings Life.

Beware of the leaven of the Pharisee. Each one of us has to cleanse our bloodlines and ourselves from this deadly spirit through deep repentance.

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Nuts and Bolts

How to Use Silencing the Accuser Effectively

There are so many hidden truths in Silencing the Accuser.  This webinar assists you in understanding the power of the spoken Word of God, the reality of accusations against your bloodline, and how to enter the Mercy Court with confidence in your right to be there as a child of God.  There is also an indepth explanation of the importance of Command the Morning. This is followed by an explanation of curses, confusion and rebuke from perspective of the fall of Adam.


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Iniquities, the Hidden Reef of Destruction

Iniquities Part 1

Iniquities – the hidden reefs destroying our families! Learn to stand as an intercessor for the restoration of your family’s destiny.  Experience the reality of standing for your bloodlines,  setting nations free by your intercession.

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In Depth Study of Iniquities

Iniquities Part 2

Join me as we learn more about iniquities and the Father’s eternal plan that we become Oaks of Righteousness fulfilling our destiny as Sons of God.

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Profane Worship

What holds the nations in captivity?

How does the idolatrous worship of our forefathers hinder your growth in God? in depth teaching on the fall of Lucifer, the fallen sons of God, and the reason you need to divorce Baal.

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Court Case for Profane Worship

Cleansing the Bloodline

This session is a court session where the participants complete the Profane Worship Protocol with Proclamation of Covenant and the Sealing Prayer. We have seen individuals delivered going through this protocol.

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Who Can Ascend the Mountain of the Lord?

Do you want to go higher?

Learn what the Lord requires for His Sons to walk in their destiny as kings and priests in the heavenly realms.

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Generational Enemies

Can Still Hold us Captive!

Learn how the enemies of your forefathers influence your attitudes and reactions to people today. Did you realize that the victims of war and enslavement curse their enemies? Their curses have cause influencing you today.

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Court Case for Trauma of War

Time to Make Peace!

Be prepared for this court case with the communion elements and the prayer from the book “Silencing the Accuser” – The Trauma of War.  This is a very intensive time of prayer so have your heart ready to repent on behalf of your bloodlines.


Stronghold in our Carnal Nature

According to Hosea, the sin of Adam was treachery against God.  Begin to understand this basic iniquity in the heart of man. You will experience personal freedom from bitterness as you are able to forgive those who have betrayed you.  Each of us must deal with the generational root of treachery –  the breaking of covenant with God and man.

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Court Case for Treachery

Looking for the Not Guilty Verdict from the Court

In this court case for ourselves and our bloodlines, we will use the prayers from Silencing the Accuser. Read the prayers before the court case and let the Holy Spirit show you those you need to forgive and that you need to ask forgiveness for your actions.

  • Cleansing the Adulterous Heart
  • Confession of Personal Treachery
  • Followed by Communion and the Sealing Prayer

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Generational Sexual Perversion

Still Defiling the Bloodlines

Why is our culture steeped in sexual perversion?  What is the link to the past? Learn how to untangle the cords of iniquity that are defiling your family.h

Court Case for Generational Sexual Perversion

Time to Walk in Purity

Through this powerful prayer of repentance, you can destroy the enemy’s defilement of your family to be able to choose to serve the Lord in purity.  This will be followed by a Release from the Curse of the Bastard that affects a family for 10 generations. Step into the Family of God!

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Redeeming Manhood and Womanhood

Breaking the Curse of Eve and the Curse of Adam

Have you been under the curse of Eve? Are you under a twisted teaching on submission in your marriage or the church which is really the reinforcement of the Curse of Eve?  Are you under the curse of Adam? Are you struggling to provide for your family? Do you resent their needs? Does your labor only bring forth thorns and thistles? Learn how to be set free.

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Court Case for Redeeming Manhood and Womanhood

Participate in a class action lawsuit on behalf of the men and women in your bloodline by blood, marriage, and adoption to break the power of the original curses against Adam and Eve in the garden.

Print the revised Redeeming Manhood prayer:

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Wicked Imaginations

The Power of Wicked Thoughts Create Evil Schemes

Learn why the Lord tells us in Ps 37 to “Fret not, it only leads to evil doings.”  As we fret, we begin to create wicked imaginations that destroy others.

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Court Case for Wicked Imaginations

Participate in a class action lawsuit to deal with the wicked imaginations, schemes, plots and devices that our bloodline by marriage, adoption, and blood have used to destroy others. Ask forgiveness and forgive those  who have used these evil schemes to destroy your family.

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Cleansing the Gates of our Bloodlines

Who knew there were so many gates!

After a week of revelation, indepth scripture study, and prayer, I was able to provide fresh manna on the topic of gates.

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Court Case for Cleansing the Gates in our Bloodlines

Class Action Court Case

Participate in a powerful court case regarding the defiled gates in our bloodline. Print out the Powerpoint. It will help you to note those gates that need more work.

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The Heart of the Matter

Restoration of the Heart of the Family

Delve into the meaning of heart in scripture. See that it involves every aspect of our being – will, thoughts, and emotions.  Consider who is sitting on the throne in your heart.  How are you being sabotaged by the trapped emotions in your heart?

Power point:

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Court Case for the Restoration of the Heart of the Family

Class Action Court Case

Participate in a powerful court case regarding the defiled gates in our bloodline. Print out the Powerpoint. It will help you to note those gates that need more work.

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Identity in Self

Kingdom of Self or Kingdom of God

An indepth study on identity in self. How the self life hinders our ability to move into Sonship.


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Restoration of Your Birthright

It only took a woman!

A hope filled study of the restoration of a family’s destiny in the Old Testament.

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In Depth Study of the Water Kingdom of Darkness

Hidden Realm of Darkness

A biblical study of the Water Kingdom of Darkness which considers origin and the judgments written against this Kingdom.  After an intensive examination of the myths, legends, and folklore, I noticed many many common elements from vastly different cultures. Hidden in the myths is the truth.


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Without Spot or Wrinkle

Hidden Realm of Darkness

Robin McGuire lays the scriptural foundation to understand the perfection of God’s original design written in our DNA. If the bride is to be without spot or wrinkle, the end-time church must understand how to redeem the DNA from iniquity and generational core beliefs.

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What is the condition of your spiritual immune system?

Trapped Emotions in Your heart

Robin McGuire lays the scriptural foundation to understand the heart, the unconscious, and your actions.  By digging down into this truth, you will be able to see those emotional reactions that sabotage your testimony.

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Courts of Heaven for Beginners

Due to popular demand,  I have created simplified teaching on the Mercy Court. Remember Father God is just waiting to release mercy and grace into your life when you deal with the accusations that stand against you.  Agree, Confess, Repent, and Apply the Blood.

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Powerpoint:  https//tinyurl/yaoja484

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