Freedom from Mental Illness

I am the wife of Oliver Wade who was totally set free from mental illness in 1995. Through persevering prayer over many years, the generational accusations against him in the Court of Heaven were dealt with by the Blood of Jesus Christ. Oliver completed the work when he declared Romans 8:28-35 (NASB) that there was no charge that stood against him. Our four sons have testified that they no longer have fear of mental illness. There are no symptoms of mental illness in my grandchildren and great grandchildren. Since that time, my prayer team has used these prayers with many hurting men and women from Gateway Christian Center in Tampa, Florida. We have seen the awesome power of God to deliver the descendants of Freemasonry from fear and sickness and heal women from the trauma of abortion.

Jackie Wade
Intercessor for the House of the Lord

Shortly after Jackie and Betty began collaborating on what they were learning about dealing with land issues and cleansing the bloodlines, Betty initiated a connection with Jackie and me resulting in the publication of the First Edition of Silencing the Accuser. Since that time we have worked together numerous times in ministry as I teach on the Mercy Court of Heaven in seminars throughout North and South Carolina. We have seen countless men and women healed and restored through the principles and prayers outlined in Silencing the Accuser. It is essential for believers to get their lineage cleansed so as to give no place for the adversary to accuse us—especially since the purpose of an accusation is to divert us from our purpose.

Dr. Ron Horner
Author - The Courts of Heaven: An Introduction
& Overcoming Verdicts from the Courts of Hell

Edición en Español ya Disponible

El Cuerpo de Cristo está siendo destruido por falta de conocimiento debido a la falta de sabiduría y entendimiento respecto a las acusaciones generacionales y personales por parte del acusador, el cual nos mantienen en cautividad y bloquean el fluir de las bendiciones del Pacto. En este libro, los Hanselman descubren estos obstáculos con enseñanzas y oraciones prácticas que le ayudarán a encontrar una solución para las acusaciones que se han utilizado contra su vida. Comience hoy con el proceso de desmantelar las acusaciones que el enemigo ha levantado contra Usted y su familia.

Divine Connection...

Divine connection, progressive revelation and the timing of the Lord best describe meeting Jackie in June of 2013. When this prayer packet came to me, it was entitled Cleansing the Bride; the very season I was in with the Lord. Not a stopping point, but the threshold to my destiny. As an intercessor for forty years I knew there must be more. Connecting the Baal Divorce Decree and the Courts of Heaven became the catalyst. With this we go from making ourselves a prepared bride to standing with our groom doing the work of Silencing the Accuser.

Dr. Betty Ledbetter
Chamber-Made Ministries

It brought freedom...

The Restorations taught my wife, Duffy, and I the power of God's Word in effective spiritual warfare and broke ties to generational curses that had existed over us and our families. It brought a freedom to our lives that would not have come about without this God inspired series of instructions.

Steve Cook, Pastor
Way Station, Joshua Tree, California

Silencing the Accuser

In this seminar Jackie & Dan will help uncover the impact of generational issues upon your DNA, your life and the life of your family. As these issues are uncovered they will lead you through prayers of release from the multitude of bondages that have kept us (often unknowingly) enslaved to patterns, illnesses, and more. Though it is very intensive, it is also very liberating to step into new levels of freedom for yourself and your family!

The promises of God are to build our future and our future generations!


About the Authors

Jackie and Dan Hanselman are prophetic intercessors with a burden to see the Body of Christ be the manifested Sons of God. Families, regions, and nations can be set free by the application of these prayers. It is time for the destiny of the Body of Christ to be released for the great end time harvest.

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